Being “Freshly Pressed” and Lifeblood of the Pen

This week my email contained a message from It noted I had been “Freshly Pressed”. There was a moment of confusion as the editor that informed me was Cheri Lucas Rowlands, whose blog I appreciate and follow. I thought, how wonderful that she is communicating via email, and promptly re-read it. Ah, “Featured by Freshly Pressed”, those writings I so enjoy sampling and savoring! Chosen was the story “Pastime”, one written just this week when I felt uncertain about a much longer short story being revised for possible submission to a literary magazine. It was one item on my daily writing schedule. And it brought this great surprise! Far better than flowers at the door.

I had been working hard. I hadn’t yet pinpointed a good market for the 5000 word “Jasper and a Night of Thievery.”  I was puzzling over its subject matter, if a punch line near the end was too real for some. Meaning, a sock-to-the-stomach sort of reality ensconced inside gentle opening pages with swift bits of suspense. Then wham! The tough stuff. My career and life have perhaps unfolded like that too often. A challenge for me as a writer is to clarify the truth within a sturdy structure that is upheld by compassion, empathy and respect for our human journey. I also encourage the Divine to come forward in my characters. Truth-telling in writing has been something I can lose sleep over; my hopes and the mysterious writer’s way don’t always align powerfully or even well.

So I engage in many kinds of writing, creating pieces that are less perplexing, at times more uplifting. Briefer and perhaps occasionally even a lark. It all matters. They are gratifying to give shape and heft to, good tasks to support the greater body of work. And I write these without any fear, as opposed to longer fiction and non-fiction or poems that weave their way in and out of my psyche. Or sometimes harrass me until I relent. For reasons unknown to me, I can sit at a keyboard and words are freed as though water from a faucet. The immediacy of this writing on impulse thrills me. I just need to give it all permission to unfurl. It pulls me along until the period at the end, then fix a few things and head down again, nose to grindstone.

So being “Featured on Freshly Pressed” is a lovely honor. I am happy and grateful as I write this. “Pastime” was one of those brief stories that came quickly in entirety and gave me pleasure to share. This particular photo from the fifties came from a writer’s blog that I admire, Patricia Ann McNair’s as she offers daily writing prompts. I utilize my own photos as well as public domain art and photos.

Due to this blog I write a larger volume of pieces and my skills improve in the process. I am satisfied more often because I have the Tales for Life blog to supply. When I started this I was a neophyte in the blogosphere. It was a motivating force at a time I was lagging in many aspects of my life. It has become another potent avenue of creativity. A way to cull and offer what matters most to me as a writer-person as well as avail myself of other bloggers’ brave, beautiful and funny words. We are connected by an adoration of language, wherever we live or whatever we aspire to with our work. I am nourished by life–people and nature, God and my own tender, temperamental muse.

So here we are, each of us writing, making known our minds and hearts. What a way to live, make use of our time! It’s an endeavor of blessings. Thanks again, WordPress, for choosing my small story. And readers, I am profoundly loyal to the world of art-making–and so glad to have your company to keep along the way. Take your own risks. Speak your truth and I’ll keep speaking mine and so we keep the lifeblood of the pen (and laptop) astir.

Tryon hike

14 thoughts on “Being “Freshly Pressed” and Lifeblood of the Pen

  1. Cynthia! Delighted to hear you are freshly pressed! What a joyful phrase, and happy honor! I thoroughly enjoyed your most recent “Pastime” and am not surprised it garnered this attention from And thank you for connecting me to Patricia McNair’s Journal Prompt. I savor these posts for last when going through the daily inbox, scanning, deleting, and then sitting back to enjoy writers such as you, my daily dessert!

  2. A huge “congratulations” to you on this honor, Cynthia! Your blog is a gem, and I’m delighted to learn that the WordPress powers that be recognized that, as well.
    Best wishes,

  3. Someone recently asked why I bother blogging, what’s the point? And you nailed it. The blogging, which has this free, sort of playful quality to it, gets those juice flowing. I find that the blogging, regardless of the fact that it might take years to gain readership, keeps me in that writing mode, keeps my mind playing with new ideas. And reading others’ blogs, like this one of yours I’m commenting on because it rang so true, proves to have the same effect.

    (The freshly pressed thing however, being new around here I still don’t understand what the heck it really means. I haven’t figured out the category thing either. WordPress enigmas not yet solved.)

    1. Thank you for reading and taking time to reply. Yes it is good to blog for the fun of it, and the skills that you develop while writing often and variously can make a difference. But some people just like to share their thoughts casually; other like to share expertise or political opinions. Still other like to see something! It’s amazing how many sort of blogs and bloggers there are in this world! Visit lots of them so you get a idea what others are up to; you will figure it out. WordPress also has their own informational posts. Happy writing!

  4. I look forward to seeing that you have written something new and enjoy reading your thoughts…poems…stories..:)

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