Friday’s Quick Picks: Autumn Garden/Meditation

Walk with me. Masterly branches spill their autumn flame. Water sweetens air, tenders ear with purity of sound. Rock and stone praise communion with plant, fish, fowl, insect, ancient earth of all life. Spider spins in peaceable labor. Light sublime meets flesh and breath, finds the soul. We can move this way right through time. Bright and unafraid. Full. Whole. Walk with me.

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8 thoughts on “Friday’s Quick Picks: Autumn Garden/Meditation

  1. We are of the same age and after leaving nursing after a stroke, my life changed and still is. I have no direction, only to pursue happiness. Good luck with yours. xx

    1. Thank you, Della Luce, for sharing your thoughts. I can empathize; I had a heart attack at 51 and left work for 3 years to heal all parts of who I was in every way I could–then returned to work for many more years. (I have written here abut those times, as well.) Now I write full time–a fulfilling, deep joy! Good blessings to you!

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