Angel Reckoning


In the mammoth auditorium–
chairs lined up in new territory–
we waited, restless,
infused with anticipation for
a long awaited event to unfold.
I sat alone, self firm with who I was and where.

Then the room spun, time accordioned,
chairs pulled about by tides as if on
a silvery ship into a sky-bound sea.
It was not expected nor desired
but what the moment offered, I well accepted.

Are we taking off I shouted to the captain
who looked like a musician or a man who knew God.
But others were not pleased; the vessel shook, skidded.

And then your beautiful head and vaporous body
glided toward the flowering horizon.
I fumbled toward you, touched your shoulder.

Are you getting off now I asked
You half turned, a fleeting smile, nodded,
were gone, never intending to wait for me.

I know you oh yes, good sister.
You came to check on this world’s conundrums,
the family’s status, to greet my soul,
warn perhaps but all that commotion did not
spoil your peace worn like a crown,
a sign, a promise of eternal life
you assured me would happen.

Your presence lingers, indelible
despite vagrant wants and needs,
a bold light firing up dim shards.
You let me find you in that milieu
then returned to a celestial beyond
until it is my turn to come, be done.

And that second of beauty reminds me:
may love lead and follow as I yet go on.

(for Marinell– and Roland;
you know I know about angels)

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4 thoughts on “Angel Reckoning

  1. Thank you so much, Polly Hansen, for sharing these words with me. You did, indeed, witness the angel guiding her spiritual body on; such a loving farewell she gave you. And this beautiful truth of it stays with you. A gift.
    I don’t know what comment you read on Brevity, but I am glad it led you here. I’m grateful that you enjoy my blog; please let me know when you stop by again. Thank you for your invitation; I will look at your site. Blessings on you and yours.

  2. I had a dream of an angel once when my sister in law died of pancreatic cancer when she was only 29. I saw the angel greet her and together they outstripped a racing train, Carol laughing, her strength renewed and redoubled. I accompanied them to a placid moonlit lake. The angel turned to me and said, this is as far as you can go, and I knew I had to leave and let Carol continue on.

    I saw your comment on Brevity and was touched by your words about spirituality. I too believe in the healing touch of the divine and hope you’ll stop by my blog. I love yours. It is so rich with photos and listings and very generous and inviting. I’m just beginning, but you inspire me. You can find me at I hope to see you there.

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