Friday’s Passing Fancy: East of Cascade Mountains, Smith Rock

On a brief road trip we still find extraordinary views even though we have become more familiar with it over the decades.

High desert country called in the midst of our new twin baby tending here. I have had little time to devote to writing or photography (except for pictures of the infant girls my daughter and husband are lovingly watching over –as are we, so very frequently). But now and then we engage in other matters of interest.

We enjoyed a quick two day trip over the Cascades for another granddaughter’s high school graduation. (Hooray for my son’s daughter, Avery! Early graduation at barely 17; on to college in the fall!) And I remain fascinated by that area, though doubt I’d trade rain forests, valleys and mountain foothills of my home topography for eastern Oregon’s high desert and ranch lands. Though I am yet drawn to the power of those, as well as our mountain ranges.

We always stop at Smith Rock near Redmond, Oregon if we can. I find it breathtaking, shifting scenes that are ever mesmerizing to explore as we trudge over winding, dusty paths. Here are several shots from our sweaty hike touched by awestruck moments. I saw a river otter for the first time, also, though shots did not come out well.

Be on the lookout for rock climbers here and there.

Looking down at a route we will soon begin.

Please click on the series below for a slide show.

4 thoughts on “Friday’s Passing Fancy: East of Cascade Mountains, Smith Rock

  1. I totally agree with Derrick! Wonderful photos. The otter shot is very good. But the contrast of the rugged landscape with the blue sky and soft white clouds is perfect. And look at you! Mountain climber! I have to say, my grandmothers never looked that good! Ha! Good for you!

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    1. Love that area and I am pleased that others may enjoy it, too, via my photos–hard to take a bad shot there! That sweaty hike was robust but not as hard as some of my walks and hikes around our new home, where paths ascend and descend steeply due to living at a high point, atop an area a hop and skip from an extinct volcano…I do enjoy my work outs. 🙂 Thank you, Paul, for those very nice words.

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