Monday’s Meander/Photos: Skate Wedding

Our son, Josh, married Christine 8-11-19 at Burnside Skate Park, Portland, OR.

They had their own unique Portland-style marriage ceremony. This is where they met five years ago. Since Josh got involved when just 19 with the skaters developing this gritty city center park, it is special to him. That was over two decades ago, and the place attracts skaters from around the world. About 25 veteran skaters stood beside him during the ceremony. Josh being who he is, he remained cool, calm, going with the flow while also in command– until the vows when tears came. Christine was ebullient with joyous excitement, near combustion point. All went well.

It was one wedding experience I will never have again! (The last adult child had a forest wedding.) And I pray they keep building happiness and faith in each other and life for many, many years.

And then Josh skated. After all, she married a skater.

The sequence below was planned–I think; she seemed ready!

I’ve added random shots of the gathering. (The young woman in the yellow sweater is my granddaughter, his daughter. Time, how it flees.)

Then on to the rest of the celebration.