Friday’s passing Fancy/Poem + Photo: River Devotion

(Photo copyright 2020 Cynthia Guenther Richardson)

Some of us live right here,

creatures who cannot be on land alone,

and others of us find our way to

mercurial sheerness swallowing sky,

powers of light that gather and hold,

breath of river infusing our lungs.

I come to cleanse.

I come to loosen tightened bands of humanness.

To hear with hungry ears, see with fearless eyes.

My blood runs rich, cells plump with exuberance

while my soul flees struggle to find again

river strength born along bank to bank,

its beauty carried deep and far

as I follow its waters on lithe feet,

a confirmed devotee of God made visible

4 thoughts on “Friday’s passing Fancy/Poem + Photo: River Devotion

  1. Just this morning Cynthia, I read these sweet lines from John O’Donohue – not sure if it is part of a longer poem – really, they stand alone just as beautifully. Made me think of your poem of river devotion – Loved it! here is O’Donohue’s –
    “I would love to live
    Like a river flows
    Carried away by the surprise
    Of its own unfolding”

    Have a wonderful weekend!

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