Friday’s Passing Fancy/Poem: This Flesh on Earth

How tender this skin, voluminous

frailty of flesh that nets our dreams

labors in favor of greater longevity

hijacks time and its intentions

redresses error to redouble efforts

carries fear and courage in cellular symmetry

sees depth and breadth in a flash

accepts lust or purity in equal measure

entreats mind and Mother Wit to share wisdom

quiets then rings out voices of billions

bears all stories and creates more tellers

harbors secrets or offers them freedom

restrains, forgoes and denies basic needs

and welcomes touch, water, bread

fights losing battles to preserve a breath

then sooner or later relinquishes its hold:

this skin that brings the miracles together

until– well-used or unbearable– it is shed:

bless this flesh that we may live better,

bless and guard us in our deep seclusions

and may we use great libraries of mind

discover cosmologies of spirit

hear songs of earth and galaxies

dance with a resurrecting Light

to the beat of the blood-deep

yes I mean yes hold close this one moment

lift up our weeping hearts, feel their might