Friday’s Passing Fancy: Alera and Morgan

If I could do any of these things…

I would plaster your open, luminous faces everywhere

so people would see how wondrous you are;

hold you up to the infinite sky, its light and its dark;

bring you close, closest to this so lonely heart;

call out your names from mountains to seas;

climb and creep, wiggle and sing–me with you;

tell you good stories, and learn your own;

make new games, our hands clapping together;

share how weird and fascinating is life;

admit that each dawn I long for you so–

and therein arises this tearful lament,

you two-in-one, twin grand-baby girls.

But some day, another time–in far better meetings

than from this great distance–

we will draw close as good stones in a circle

to dream and make anew with love that goes on

and be triumphant and silly,

duly surprised, full of comforts,

oh yes and yes, Alera and Morgan!

such a time it will be, can you feel it?

My dear ones and darlings,

my stars all a-shining, you singers of joy,

you bright new blooms, fine dragonflies

in this grief and bewilderment…

in the everlasting gardens where you take root,

in the rows and rows I will not stop this

planting, watering, tending for you

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