Monday’s Meander–on Wednesday: Japanese Garden’s Fall Finery

Long established in Portland, this Japanese garden embraces 12 hillside acres by densely wooded Forest Park. It has eight different styles of gardens, and is considered unusually authentic. Although designed in 1963 and opened to the public in 1967, it was not entirely completed until 1980 and, I learned today, then fully opened the same day Mt. St. Helens erupted.

For decades I’ve gone to the garden to enrich mind and spirit, to absorb its deep tranquility and study its intricate design of balance amid the elements, its expert aligning of texture and color. After 9/11, it was the only place I could find relief for some time. Though this was the first visit in months due to the virus and a closure, it was worth waiting for–everything was sparkling and refreshed, the grounds pristine. Nature was still shaped during the closures, but it was clear it had flourished while devoid of scores of humans visitors.

I decided to edit most of these very little or none, leaving deeper shadows and diffuse light with really natural color saturation. I wanted you to experience it as I did last week, during its fine autumn display.

I leave you with a peaceful view of Portland as seen from the Japanese Garden. I am holding this in my heart as the week goes on.

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