Monday’s meander: Family Nature Park Outing

What a good adventure! We had a fine outing with two grandchildren and a daughter over the weekend. I am unable to share much of the delightful nearly 2 yo twins (I wish I could as their antics are camera-worthy, I have to say), but there is a glimpse as they explore. Children are so strongly responsive to nature and its myriad of wonders. One granddaughter followed, with nose right to a rectangular info plaque, the trek of an extremely tiny bug as it crawled across it. She kept up scrutiny of it from front side, around the edge and to the back. When it flew off, she was so surprised–then a bit annoyed! But there was much more to check out; off we went. The nature park is in nearby Tualatin, an easy meander with many different trails. It was great fun for over an hour though grey and chilly as it is so often in March. We did see lots more leaves unfurling, and flowers popping out a bit. After they left with their mother, Marc and I continued deeper into woodlands and wetlands for another hour or more.

9 thoughts on “Monday’s meander: Family Nature Park Outing

  1. These are beautiful photos, Cynthia. I recognize the osoberry flowers and leaves in one of the photos. We have it here, too. I am not sure ours is blooming yet, and I will have to look. I also enjoyed the bug tracking description. It is wonderful to see the world through a child’s eyes.

    1. It surely is a great thing to experience again at this age with them–these are the sixth and seventh grandchildren and each, of course, is so unique. 🙂 That they love nature is perfect as I cannot keep away from the outdoors for long! Thank you for reading and sharing thoughts, Lavinia.

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