Friday’s Poem: It’s No Good Asking

(Bear with me--sometimes I need to just write a quick, silly poem–this is mine for the year! If I had the nerve I would record it the way I hear it in my head…:). There’d be drumming on my thighs, calling out the words and soon it would be a song. Maybe harmony with Marc–we both sing. You never know…might do it yet… Happy week-end, all.)

It’s just no good asking where I’ll go,

the river is rising and the sun shines high;

I have a good boat and a fishing line,

it’ll be a fine day when the walleye show.

You want someone who’ll stick by you,

but the river is calling and the sun feels fine;

if you want to be with me it’ll be divine,

all cozy in my boat for hours, us two.

If you can’t come along, try another day,

the sky’ll be blue and water running deep;

if you nap beneath a shady oak tree

it’s foolish to tell me to turn and stay.

It’s just no good asking where I’ll go

as the river is running and the sun is bright,

I have a good boat and a fishing line—

just adrift on a river, keep your earthbound life.

4 thoughts on “Friday’s Poem: It’s No Good Asking

  1. So good to ‘hear’ a snap and a beat and a carefree shrug in this lovely poem/song! Ah, the resilience of life – so good to read this Cynthia! Continued moments of joy in your healing, your sharing this process with us here in your blog is an inspiration. Thank you.

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