Monday’s Meander on Tuesday: A Glimpse of a Strange Coast Trip

Looking down at Highway 101 from a trail above Cape Perpetua, OR.

The above shot–taken while hiking a narrow, winding, rough trail that was beautiful– is one of the last ocean views I saw. When on the way back to our lodgings, we were hit when tuning left by a fast moving, passing vehicle on the highway seen below. This is a famous highway in CA. and OR., often hugging the edge of cliffs as it runs the length of coast. And it can be very dangerous to drive.

I wanted to work on the photos today, then put up a full post. But I think it best to rest; it has only been two and a half days since the accident. Each day I am a bit more sore and tired. My car was totaled, unfortunately–but we are okay! I may write more for tomorrow’s Wednesday’s Words post.

But least Marc and I enjoyed this great hike before all that…Next week I will have a complete Monday’s Meanders post of the Yachats area readied and up.

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