Friday’s Poem: Leavetaking

I am going, I must leave you, for this

is a time when much that can be taken in hand,

into heart and held close is not disposable

but a need made known that might save you.

Outside I slide into fecund air, clean air.

The weight of a capped acorn, a burgundy berry

is not newsworthy yet form and function

matter more than chatter’s clackety-clack

travelling the table, words so much wail and

steam in a room before reaching me.

I don’t want to talk frailty and politics,

brutality and the states of moneydom,

but walk the deep singing sweet earth

that cushions my feet as I crest the next hill.

I climb harder, higher to better see the whole.

This is the matter I find at hand;

this is a way that divines who I am

and feeds me the elixer of great love.

I am shy before the sun’s curtsey

as it leaves lounging bodies of mountains,

this rarified country of trees, elegant creatures

putting themselves to bed

and I think with head bowed

Oh holy this perfect light and dark

that yet house us, deserving or not.

5 thoughts on “Friday’s Poem: Leavetaking

  1. So very moving Cynthia, – I am curious if you wrote this immediately after your walk, still feeling the blessing of the setting (curtsying!) sun upon your upturned face. Your words seem to fall easily, having revealed themselves to you in the rapture of that precious time alone.

    1. I thank you, Susan. I walk daily, as you know, and lately tehe have been cold, bright dusks that present incredible sunsets. I feel a sort of ecstasy at times, the power of Divitnyt in nature….yes, as most of us can and often do. We must not forget the power of the creator, the infinity of the universe, and our place in that design. (And the rest of my response is what I shared with Derrick if you care to read that…)

    1. Appreciate it, derrick. But maybe it would help to note it was in response to another US school shooting, more news of Omnicron variant, as well as politicizing of vaccination and other worldwise troubles–that is, the news, in general. I find great solace in nature and God’s presence, how we are given such wonders despite humantiy’s continued conflicts. Nature is Nature … I literally have to walk away from too much of that worldly chatter, at times..

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