Monday Meanders: Coastal Fun, Part I

Yesterday I decided that, sore knee/leg or not, we were going to the coast and having a lovely, relaxing few hours. The doctor said to keep walking unless it caused a real spike in pain or thing otherwise worsened. It hadn’t bothered me as much a few days so it was on–I’d also get to see how much I could push it on a forest trail, then the beach walk. I soon start physical therapy for 6 weeks, anyway.

I felt liberated as the stress of city life and cares of family life (and Marc’s work stress) melt away. (Above: appeared to be a combinatioin of fog and smokiness in Coast Mtns. but no sign of wildfires; air got clearer in time.) We first stopped at West Oswald State Park and Short Sands, the very small beach at edge of forest. It was , of course, busy with no rain and sun shining, mid-50s F temps. We took a different trail for an easy hike down.

Below: Marc, the happy rock hunter; me, admiring the creek view and contemplating the last part of trail as I rest the knee.

The ocean’s song beckons as we near beach; we first cross a swaying bridge.

Many people love this walk-in little beach–it’s somewhat protected from winds, and surfing is good. And plenty of rocks and random things for those who enjoy hunting, like Marc. It was nice to be on the south side for quieter exploration.
A surfing couple resting.

The streams of sunlight, at left, grew brighter as time went on–beautiful to watch!

We started back so we could have a few hours at another beach. Next week I will take you to another favorite coast stop.

See you next Monday!

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