Monday’s Meanders: Coastal Fun, Pt. 2

After visiting the small beach of Short Sands, we continued south to Manzanita, a town we’ve enjoyed for decades and the long beach. I’d hoped also to visit the independent bookstore, Cloud and Leaf Bookstore. It’s owned by Deborah Reed, an author I’ve enjoyed and who presented at a Portland writers workshop I attended. Alas, it was closed. We stopped, as usual, by Mazanita News and Espresso for delicious coffees and pastries for the beach walk.

Below, an important sign; some still choose to ignore it at their peril. It–like so many along the coast–is a tsunami area, also.

I love this beach in part because there are many sand dunes which I don’t often see along the mid-to-northern coast. But there tend to be higher winds here–hence, the sand swept into beautiful shapes–and walking can be downright painful. We had a good afternoon with calm wind. The smoky-foggy haziness seen on the way remained awhile, then cleared. There were such interesting vistas and activities that others were enjoying. As afternoon turned to dusk, the light was magical on dunes and water. Enjoy!

Someone had created a fantastic labyrinth, below.

Note the very faint emanation of a “light rainbow” effect of the light in photo below.

A beautiful end to another enjoyable Oregon coast outing. Have a lovely week!

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