Friday’s Poem: Standing in the Dark

Before we know it, we will stand

in the dark, having waited for the light to wash

all in coral and rose water kissed with orchid,

imbuing the trees with more sweetness

since they labor all day, giving breath of life.

How much breath we do not know, change

arrives one moment to the next so

our frailness and errors are exposed like bad magic,

while our strength uncoils, daunting, tensile.

Tonight as evening falls the world observes

the underbelly of power derailed.

Kneeling may bring us to mythic palm of earth,

but in this moment there are greater gains needed,

and so suss them out with mind and soul

as fan of color fades and folds,

the night skies open deep, blameless,

in good order and meant for wonder still to

overarch the keening world. The darkness comes,

and all the trees keep watch as we look back,

ask for every key to wisdom,

and then, hearts and feet reluctant,

we go home, guilty of saying the words.

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