Monday’s Meander: A Favorite Place Shared with Family

It is a bit hard to believe it’s still spring, as last night we had a significant snowfall. It still covers roofs and grass as I write. Late last night as it descended, I pulled potted flowers close to the exterior wall, under the eaves, to better protect them. Thus far they seem alright today, amazingly.

Just a couple weeks ago it was light jacket weather. When daughter Cait visited from VA. we enjoyed our springy meanders, including one here: The Bishop’s Close Garden at Elk Rock. I truly adore this spot along the river. A spattering of others were on the paths–so good to see smiles. I’ve often posted pictures of this garden over the years. This time I’ll leave out its interesting Scottish origins and Portland history, and only share shots I managed while talking and walking. A few blooms had opened; it will become more lush and colorful. But Cait was enchanted. I’m happy we experienced this special place together, at last.

Marc and Cait at start of a trail
Top of the path, looking over Willamette River toward Elk Island.

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