Memo re: a Short Respite



Hello readers,

My spouse and I are headed out for a getaway. He works way too hard so I had to reserve a place, then persuade him to come–of course he agreed! We’ll be exploring our fabulous beaches and forests, so no posts next week unless for some unusual reason I decide to stay put indoors with the laptop. But inspiration is easy to come by, so I will be absorbing it all, giving mind, body and soul a respite while storing up new treasures for more prose and poem writing.

It will be tough to not post photographs, however, so my Visionary Views blog may stay active.

I hope you each discover ways (even if just at home, if feeling weary from busyness or as grey as the weather) to create or avail yourselves of nourishment, too. May your upcoming week be imbued with lovely moments, good play and good work.

I also want to thank you right now for showing up to read what I have to share with you. The past two years have shown an enormous increase in visitors and followers and your kind interest encourages me to keep at it.

I’ll be back in my makeshift office in a week!

Go well amid God’s blessings,


(P.S. For those of you who’ve been following awhile, my gravatar picture has been updated–not as young, but still kickin’!)


2 thoughts on “Memo re: a Short Respite

  1. Ho tradotto l’articolo in italiano, la traduzione non è proprio fedele, però penso di aver capito che vai in vacanza, quindi buon viaggio! Poi se non ho interpretato male, ti piace scrivere sia poesie che racconti. Anche a me piace scrivere e ho un mio blog se vuoi visitarlo… ti invio li mio indirizzo: Ciao!

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